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Other Commercial Sites: Labs, Consultants, Vendors, Consumer Products

ABB Pulp and Paper Solutions
This section of ABB's Web site deals with their offerings for the pulp and paper industries. ABB is large company that provides process control systems, drives, instruments, and energy systems for the paper industry (and other industries as well).

Air Products
This large company provides resources, technology, and expertise for bleaching operations (including oxygen and ozone bleaching), environmental operations (air pollution control and water quality), and other aspects of pulp and papermaking. The site is attractive and well organized, with many pages and lots of information.

Major chemical supplier for the paper industry. Includes the technologies acquired from Eka Chemicals.

American Fine Paper
A supplier of fine printing paper made in mills in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.

Andritz Group
This large Austrian company has a pulp and paper division that provides machinery and unit operations for the pulp and paper industries, including recycling systems, systems for tissue paper mills, and systems for pulping and bleaching.

Babcock and Wilcox
Power generation, recovery boilers, and process control for the pulp and paper industries is just part of what this large and historic company does. Their web site is heavy on graphics (including animation) and offers many pages of information.

Bayer AG
A large supplier of chemicals for the pulp and paper industries and many other industries, as well. Dyes, fluorescent whiteners, pigments, fillers, and fixation agents are among the chemicals they offer.

Buckman Labs
Chemistry services and chemical products for the paper industry. This web site offers some of its information in four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French. Nice! The photos of microbes offered at this site are especially interesting.

A major supplier of dyes and other chemicals (bleaching agents, wet end chemicals, barrier coatings, etc.).

Delta Training
A consulting firm specializing in training for personnel in the forest products industries. Their site offers a good demo of a training module for a chip screening system with information about the equipment.

ECC International Europe
ECC International is part of English China Clays, dealing primarily in speciality minerals and chemicals. ECC International is the minerals division and is the world's largest producer of white speciality minerals, many of which are used in the paper industry (e.g., coatings and fillers).

Econotech Services
Econotech is an independent laboratory providing services to the pulp and paper industries. This site is maintained by Graham Vandegriend, "full-time microscopist/wood technologist and part-time webmaster."

Harris Associates
A job-search firm specializing in the paper and forest products industries. You can register as a candidate online.

GL&V/Celleco AB
An international supplier of separation technology solutions for the forest products industries. Based in Sweden, they provide centrifugal pulp cleaners, stock deaeration systems, fiber recovery and dewatering filters, screw presses, and recycled fiber systems.

Heidelberg USA
Suppliers of advanced printing and bindery equipment.

HeatWave Drying
This commercial site offers information on radio frequency drying technologies for wood products and other materials.

A famous German supplier of printing equipment and technology.

Honeywell Controls
(I did not find specific pulp and paper information at this graphics-intensive site.)

Indufor of Finland
A consulting firm whose services cover forest industry and environmental management.

IPS (formerly Integrated Paper Services)
A test lab and consulting service in Appleton, Wisconsin, with some of the best testing services and problem solving capabilities in the industry (multiple industries, actually). Their world-class staff features some of the past stars of the Institute of Paper Chemistry.

Jaakko Poyry
Jaakko Poyry is a major global player among forest products consultancies and apparently have the largest engineering group for forest products in the world. They also own Marathon Engineering in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Johnson Screens
Manufacturer of a popular solid-liquid separator, widely used in the paper industry.

KCL - Finland
KCL is a central research laboratory in Helsinki that does work with paper and pulp. Highly respected.

KDM International
A forest products company in the UK, offering market reports and other information.

Metso Corp.
A giant firm that comprises several former equipment manufactures such as Valmet, Sunds Defibrator, and others. Metso Paper specializes in pulp, paper and power generation industry processes, machinery, equipment and aftermarket services. Offerings extend over the entire life cycle of the process, covering new lines, rebuilds and various services. They also offer control and automation systems.

PPG (Pittsburgh Plate and Glass) produces many chemicals used in the paper industry.

A Finish company specializing in roll wrapping systems and bulk material handling for the forest products industry.

Formerly Tenneco Packaging, Pactiv is a large, publicly trade company with a variety of consumer and B2B products including fiber-based materials such as paper plates and wipes. An innovative company with headquarters near Chicago, Illinois.

The 3M Innovation Page
The 3M site offers some great information and ideas about how to organize and manage research to promote innovation. 3M produces many paper-related products, including masking and packaging systems.

Thompson Analytic International
A firm that deals with the areas of marketing communications and support, community relations, recycling and strategic services.

Voith, Inc.
A major supplier of equipment and technology to the paper industry. This interesting site has many pages with photos of equipment and information about their technology and businesses.

A supplier of paper machine clothing.

Manufacturers of idler rolls, heat transfer rolls, vacuum rolls, custom machines, etc. Located in Neenah, Wisconsin.

Third-party Information about Paper-related Companies

RISI Info (Risiinfo.com) - an organization that provides some of the best and deepest economic information about the forest products industries. It also has excellent publications and hosts some of the best technical and trade conferences in the field.

Portals and E-commerce Centers

A source of information about paper companies, events, and people. Includes video content with news and other information. Emphasis on Europe.

An information source that pools the resources of CTP (France), KCL (Finland), Pira International (UK) and STFI (Sweden). Online information of many kinds is provided. Information can be provided via Internet, Intranet, CD ROMs, and other means.

Online purchasing of supplies relating to the printing industry, including many paper products.

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